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How to Know Your Skin Type

How to Know Your Skin Type

The first and most important step in selecting skincare products is knowing your skin type. It allows you to choose the right products for effective results to get healthy and glowing skin.

The main factors that determine your skin type are:

·       Skin’s water levels which affect comfort and elasticity.

·       Skin’s oiliness which affects softness.

·       Skin’s sensitivity.


A simple way to know your skin type is to follow the steps below:

1.    Prepare your skin by washing your face with a cleanser to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oil from your face. Rinse face with cool or warm water, then pat dry.

2.    Wait an hour. Do not apply any products to your face, including toners, serums or moisturizers. Avoid touching your face.

3.    Look closely at your skin and note the following characteristics.

Normal Skin: feels good and balanced, not too oily or too dry.

Skin usually has an even tone and soft texture with no or few imperfections. It is generally blemish-free with barely visible pores.

Dry Skin: feels itchy and tight with flakey patches.

Skin is tight, no visible pores and lacking in moisture. It usually has visible lines, less elasticity and a duller complexion.

Oily Skin: looks shiny and feels greasy/oily.

Skin is shiny with larger pores and excess oil on the face, neck, shoulders and back. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne are common problems.

Combination Skin: some oiliness in the T-zone but normal or dry on cheeks and jawline.

Multiple skin types in one. The T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) may be oily with large pores, while the cheeks and jawline are dry or normal. You may have to use different products for different areas of the face to keep skin balanced.

Sensitive Skin: gets itchy with some redness, irritated and inflamed.

Skin that is easily aggravated by products or the weather breaking out in rashes, stinging and blotchy patches. It gets irritated, red, itchy from the wind, cleansing or sun exposure. 


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