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Sundus L Mazer AID Strengthening & Hair Growth Target Area Drops 50ml

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39.550 56.500 KD


Treatment target scalp drops stimulate hair growth, fills voids, strengthen follicles, and restore hair density. Tea tree oil, Capsicum and Urtica Dioica that stimulate blood circulation and the retrieval of nutrients and oxygen for the scalp for improved follicle performance and productivity. 

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Use at night, apply and massage on a clean scalp in the hair loss area. 

aqua(water) alcohol denat, propylene glycol(propylene glycol)camphor parfum (fragrance)salicylic acid (salicylic acid)benzoic acid melaleuca alterfoulia oil,(melaleuca alterfoulia (tea tree) leaf oil)limonene, methyl nicotinate (methyl nicotinate) scrtic acid, lactic acid capsicum frutescence extract(capsicum frutescence fruit extract)urtica dioica (nettle)extract) arnica Montana (arnica Montana flower extract) linalool (linalool) citral

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