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Mavala Mava-White Optical Nail Whitener 10ml

3.900 KD


Various external factors (color pigments, nicotine etc.) can stain, yellow or make your nails look dull and unsightly. The innovative formulation of Mava-white hides the unsightly appearance of stained, dull nails, while giving them a natural and healthy look. Mava-white is an optical color perfector for the nails thanks to specific pigments that react to UV light.

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To be applied as a base, over the entire nail surface and in a thin coat. Used on its own, it provides a matt, natural, well-groomed effect. Followed by nail polish, it will illuminate the shade, without distorting it. End with a topcoat. For a better hold, apply a base coat before and a topcoat after. It will give a shiny result.

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